Oil & Gas


As an experienced and strongly principled firm, we are steadily growing our refined petroleum products trading division. Owning stakes in a multi-national trading bureau, and managing our own trading bureau, we have become a reliable source of fuels to various marketplace. Maintaining a sound reputation and our values at the core of our business, we are committed to perfection in sales, financial and logistics terms. Our network of oil and gas companies also makes us an international, all-round coordinator for trading and investment projects in the industry.


We are proud that our subsidiary and sister trading companies are qualified and approved suppliers by ministries and governmental institutions in several countries around Africa and the Far-East.


  • Cooperating with the Majors in the world
  • Strong presence with the private sector companies on the American West Coast
  • Supported by top European and Arabian Gulf Banks
  • Management team and senior traders of various American, European and Arabian nationalities